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ÖAK publishes standardized metrics for newsletters and podcasts, marking a significant milestone in its reporting framework


With 25 editorial newsletters and 10 podcasts, the Austrian Circulation Control (ÖAK) begins monthly reporting of the newly included media formats. For newsletters, the published metrics include the number of newsletters per month, average sends per mailing, absolute views, and the open rate. In the realm of podcasts, the metrics include the number of valid downloads, the number of active episodes, and the number of episodes released per month. Additionally, there is categorization for better context.

With this new service from ÖAK, objectively comparable performance data for newsletters and podcasts are provided for the first time by a recognized industry institution. Publishers benefit from the ÖAK seal of approval, which enhances the marketing potential of their offerings. For clients and agencies, ÖAK metrics offer a solid foundation for media planning.

"By unveiling these latest metrics, ÖAK empowers market participants to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies," remarks Alexandra Beier-Cizek, CEO of ÖAK of the Austrian Circulation Control. "Our objective is to furnish transparent and dependable data, facilitating precise evaluations of media performance."

According to ÖAK guidelines, the reported figures undergo an annual audit. A valid price list for advertising bookings in podcasts and newsletters is essential for all publications. Monthly publication occurs at


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