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ÖAK Expands Digital Product Portfolio


The Austrian Circulation Control (ÖAK) will start two pilot projects in November. In the future, valid and verified distribution figures for podcasts and newsletters will also be available. In addition to ePaper and paid content distribution figures, other digital products from media publishing companies are included in the ÖAK seal of quality. The pilot projects will start in November 2023. The first internal data should be available by the end of 2023. A release is planned for 2024.

We are pleased about this further development. We support our member companies on their way to digital transformation and want to provide the best possible and reliable performance data for new digital offerings. Such data is essential assistance for media agencies – especially in a fragmented and confusing market, ” said ÖAK President Marcela Atria.

The ÖAK's range of services is also being expanded. From the publication of data for the first half of 2024 (August 2024), the ÖAK circulation data should be available via the Zervice planning tool.

ÖAK managing director Alexandra Beier-Cizek said: “ With this step, we are making it easier for agency employees to access the ÖAK data, as it is integrated into the agency workflow .”

The Austrian Circulation Control has been the recognized institution for the certification of distribution figures for publishing products since 1994. In addition to the reach data from media analysis, it provides a valuable basis for efficient media planning and is an important partner for the advertising industry.


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