Welcome to the IFABC

The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC) is a voluntary federation of industry-sponsored organisations that have been established in nations throughout the world. IFABC members have a common commitment to the accurate and transparent reporting of comparable print and new media performance data.

Its aim is to work with national and international organisations in any way that constructively supports the work of its members. The Federation seeks to encourage and facilitate the exchange of experience and best practice between member organisations, and is committed to working towards a greater standardisation and uniformity in the reporting of circulations and other data.

The IFABC actively encourages the establishment of an audit bureau of circulations in countries where currently such a bureau does not exist. IFABC member bureaux all offer a print circulation audit service and many have now expanded this to include web-sites and digital editions and publications. In addition, some offer a broader range of platforms, such as events and exhibitions, e-mail campaigns and other emerging channels.


Members of the IFABC Europe group, chaired by Magnus Paulsson from Sweden will be meeting in Sibiu, Romania from Wednesday 13th May to Friday 15th May for the IFABC Europe Conference 2015. IFABC European members interested in attending should contact Ms Arina Ureche at arina@brat.ro, BRAT, Romania for further information about the venue, agenda  and further details.  

Print auditing

What is a circulations audit system?

A print circulation audit system is a combination of rules, regulations, and protocols - backed by a team of people, operations and infrastructure, and independent verification. Its aim is to be capable of delivering to the marketplace a true picture of the circulation performance of the audited publications.   Read More

Website Auditing

The aim of the IFABC is the sharing of knowledge and experience to encourage best practice. This is especially the case for electronic media such as the Internet, where the IFABC as a group has taken the initiative to create and evolve a globally agreed set of metrics.   Read More

Digital Publication Auditing

Recognizing the continued growth and importance that digital publication now play within media owners' brand portfolio, the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC) has released recommendations for reporting digital media (non-website) by its membership.

In the near term, the IFABC suggests reporting digital publication in two categories: "replica" and "non-replica". However,the IFABC also acknowledges the rapidly changing media landscape and has provided four definitions of digital media such that members can expand on the suggested two categories. The expanded definitions are: "editorial replica", "editorial plus","targeted" and "dynamic".   Read More

Event Auditing

At the 2012 IFABC General Assembly in Madrid, an Event Audits Sub-Committee was formed to explore the audit of events such as exhibitions and conferences.

The sub-committee will focus on the exchange of knowledge and experiences and provide assistance to IFABC members who are interested in engaging in this type of service.  Read More

How to create an ABC in your country

A practical guide featuring strategies, plans, actions and hints for those interested in creating an ABC. View the practical handbook.