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New DOOH Trust Indicator: Campaign Broadcast Time Slots


The DOOH Trust label was launched in 2018 at the industry's request to evaluate and certify the distribution of DOOH campaigns with the aim of bringing more transparency to this rapidly developing media.

Today, more than 30,000 DOOH screens are subject to DOOH Trust certification from the ACPM, bringing together 12 sales offices and 5 media agencies.  From now on, thanks to the developments of the ACPM, member agencies have access to the time slots of their DOOH campaigns certified by the ACPM and will also be able to share them with agencies.

Jerome Brisson

“The implementation of time slots is an important step forward in the control of DOOH. This additional data was planned for a long time and also makes it possible to ensure non-broadcasting at night in compliance with the regulations in force. We are delighted by this advancement, which will strengthen control and provide the advertising market with a new indicator."

Jérome Brisson - Phenix GroupDirector of Industrial Development and President of the DOOH Trust Commission.

To join the DOOH Trust, contact:


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