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Kantar Marketing Trends 2024


We reveal the 10 most significant marketing trends that we believe will have a significant impact on the market in the coming year and offer valuable insights for companies to fine-tune their growth strategies.

The marketing trends are the result of Kantar's extensive research, combining attitudinal and behavioral data. Our team of experts has analyzed various macro and micro trends affecting today's market and presents them in an easily accessible way. From behavior to culture, from data to insights, we cover some of the most significant trends that marketers should consider.

The trends provide a unique insight into consumer expectations and the latest developments in marketing. It is an indispensable resource for all marketers striving to create growth and strengthen their brands.

The 10 trends in 2024 refer to:

  1. AI is becoming increasingly integrated

  2. Cultural adaptation is essential

  3. Brand control versus cancel culture

  4. Focus on attention and emotions

  5. Holistic measures of success

  6. Radical innovation for sustainable brand growth

  7. Challengers break through

  8. The rise of premiumization

  9. The search for life beyond the search box

  10. Retail trade becomes part of the advertising industry

Use these trends as a guide to optimize your marketing strategies and stay competitive.


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