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4 Steps for Efficient Planning of an Outdoor Advertising Campaign


In the dynamic world of OOH advertising, the right tools along with professionally measured performance results are key to achieving targeted results for outdoor campaigns. 


Here we present 4 steps to follow to effectively plan an OOH advertising campaign on static billboards, using the results and applications of BRAT's SAO - OOH Audience Study.


1. Create the campaign target group within the media planning application.

  • 200 variables that describe the characteristics and behavior of the population are at your disposal to identify and define the appropriate target group for your campaign. 

2. Evaluate audience metrics for available OOH support faces.

  • The audience results of more than 7,500 static support faces from the 12 largest cities of the country are available in the planning software: the reach or the number of people who see the panel, the number of contacts recorded by a panel, for any period calculated as a multiple of weeks and for any target group. 

  • The availability of the supporting faces during the campaign period can be confirmed by the OOH companies that trade them. 

3. Select the most effective support faces and create a media plan of the campaign, in relation to its communication objectives. 

  • The selection of supporting faces according to their own audience indicators, in accordance with the communication objectives of the campaign: audience, GRPs, TRPs, frequency of exposure, etc.

  • Optimization of the selection of support faces using a series of additional zonal criteria, such as the proximity of the support faces to various points of interest (eg: shopping centers, gas stations, supermarkets - over 12,000 pre-existing locations in the planning software) or the distance between the included support faces in plan. 

4. Evaluate and optimize the media plan. 

  • It evaluates the media plan made by selecting the supporting faces for the target group of the campaign.

  • It optimizes the media plan by modifying and streamlining the selection of faces, taking into account the achievement of the campaign objectives, both those of communication, as well as those of duration, cost, etc. 



Based on the data available in SAO in November 2023, we invite you to consult the top 10 static supports in Bucharest, according to the number of views (GRPs) in an average week:

The OOH Audience Study (SAO) is the study that provides complete information on the audience and socio-demographic profiles of billboards.  The results allow the analysis of the billboard audience, the realization, evaluation and optimization of sales strategies and OOH media plans.


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