Why an ABC

An independent audit bureau is a requisite for a credible and professional advertising industry. It also establishes a nation as a genuine and believable participant in the world of international advertising.

The assurance of accurate data for any channel is of significant value to both advertisers and media alike. The value to advertisers, their advertising agencies, is the essential factor of accountability of advertising investments. The value of a bureau to the media, while perhaps less immediately apparent, is the establishment and maintenance of standards of measure and comparability in a forum in which both media and advertisers participate to from consensus.

The first organised scheme to verify circulation claims came in the United States when, in 1914, advertisers, advertising agencies and publishers joined forces, based on a common interest in reliable circulation data, to form the first Audit bureau of Circulations.

Nearly a century later, we live in a fast-paced digital world. Each year, in every country of the world, billions of dollars are committed to advertising in print and electronic media. As the importance of advertising and publishing as part of the international marketing arena has grown, so has the number of audit bureaux. And they continue to play a pivotal role in delivering the transparent, comparable and independent data that acts as a valuable benchmark for informed media-buying decisions.

An audit bureau confirms a nation as a committed participant in the international media and advertising arena. Audit bureaux provide a forum within which the various stakeholders in each national media industry can achieve consensus on a framework of measurement and standard that ensures constructive self-regulation for their industry.