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AAM and BPA Merge

Tom Drouillard, CEO and Managing Director, Alliance for Audited Media

United States

The Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide have recently merged to continue to drive increased trust and assurance across media channels.

The merger received overwhelming support from the AAM and BPA boards and memberships, the Alliance for Audited Media and BPA Worldwide have merged to become the largest not-for-profit media auditing organization in the world.

As we start a new journey as one organization, I wanted to give some background on how we came together and set the stage for what’s to come.

AAM and BPA have always been unique entities in the media industry – independent not-for-profit organizations, governed by boards including advertisers, agencies and publishers, focused on bringing trust to media transactions through audits and data distribution.

Together we are stronger. Between our organizations, we have more than two centuries of media auditing experience and 2,000 clients. We have a diverse client base across business, magazine and news media, with growing digital audit and certification services. We recognize that audits are critical to addressing the many issues the media industry faces. In fact, demand for increased digital advertising assurance was a driving force in the merger. By coming together, we can work with the industry as one auditing organization at this critical time when media and advertising are challenged with serious issues related to media quality, brand safety, privacy and sustainability.

Combining our complementary expertise and capabilities allows us to bring independent assurance across more channels — websites, newsletters, events, print, out-of-home, podcasts and ad tech — and across growing compliance areas such as advertising, editorial, privacy and sustainability.

This is the beginning of our combined organization. While we plan to make improvements over time, the experience of AAM and BPA clients will not change in the short term. As we work to bring our organizations together over the next few months, we promise to:

  • Maintain our high level of service at a low cost as a not-for-profit organization.

  • Streamline media buying and selling through a single data destination.

  • Develop a suite of assurance services that raises the level of trust and transparency.

The goals of the AAM/BPA merger

We appreciate the trust our members place in us as the industry authority for assurance services that increase media transparency and accountability. We are dedicated to differentiating high quality media outlets and service providers and are focused on helping buyers choose quality and maximize return on their media investments. We look forward to this journey as one organization with our clients, our employees, our board of directors and our industry.


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