Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify (JICDAQ)

Japan Joint Industry Committee for Digital Advertising Quality & Qualify (JICDAQ) was established for the purpose of third-party certification of the quality of digital advertisement.

JICDAQ sets the business process standards for “Brand Safety ensuring the quality of the ad place” and “Exclusion of Invalid traffic (including Ad fraud)”. And certify companies who operate business complying to the standards.

Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations have been designated as a validation vender which check companies meet the standards JICDAQ set. In other countries, ensuring the quality of digital advertisement is addressed actively. Other ABCs in the world play important roles with validation job. We dispatched our staff to the ABC UK who has been at the forefront of this kind of work for more than a decade. And the staff took training about validation job. We will update our validation job keeping communicate with the UK ABC and the other ABCs in the world.

We will inform new information on this site.

Eusebio Serrano, In memoriam

On February 28, former Managing Director at OJD Spain, Eusebio Serrano, passed away.

Eusebio was a reference person for OJD Spain for more than 30 years. He started his professional career in 1965, at the beginning of our office's activity, auditing print media and was appointed Managing Director in 1996, a position he held when he retired in 2013.

His knowledge and experience in press circulation and auditing services was recognized at many conferences and seminars where he was invited as speaker. In 1997, he promoted the launch of OJDinteractive, the company's online services brand. He was also involved in the Verified Free Distribution (PGD in Spanish) service that started in 2002. The challenges of the digital age expanded the portfolio of services and his impulse made the digitization of the company operations happen.

 He was elected president of the IFABC for two terms (2002-2004 and 2008-2010) and OJD Spain successfully hosted the General Assemblies of Seville (1998) and Madrid (2012), when he was the CEO.

He attended most of the meetings organized by the IFABC and also served as a member of the Executive Committee and President of the Ibero-American Group.

We will always remember his charm and remarkable personality.

Rest in Peace.