General Assembly Update

Dear Members,

The IFABC constitution requires the GA to happen in 2020. There are important matters to decide, including the election of the next Executive Board, approvals, appointments and resolutions.

Given the current global health restrictions in place, it has been decided to proceed with a virtual General Assembly to be executed at the same timing as originally planned.

The Executive Board have agreed to hold a virtual General Assembly on Friday, 9th October 2020 at 12 noon UK time either through Google meet or through Zoom video conferencing. Designated format to be confirmed at a later date.

We apologize in advance for the odd hours that some of you may have to endure to participate. In order for this arrangement to work we will need to be concise so that we execute the assembly in less than two hours.

We want to ensure participation and voting for all members. We will keep you updated as plans are confirmed.

Various documentation required for the General Assembly will be provided as required.

The new Executive Board will reschedule an in-person General Assembly when the global situation permits in Vienna, Austria. Current best estimate of timing is the second quarter of 2021, but this may change.

As we have more details, we will keep you informed, but feel free to reach out to any of us at the Executive Board with questions or suggestions.

We wish you all good health and that we all can quickly overcome the current challenges.