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Event Audits

Dear Colleagues,


The 2012 General Assembly in Madrid resolved to create an Events Audit Sub-Committee similar to the Web Standards and Digital Publications Sub-Committees that any of you are involved.

A communication will be sent out shortly with further details, however can you please indicate if you:

1. Currently offer Event/Exhibition Audits in your market

2. Are intending to introduce Event/Exhibition Audits in the future


Please use this forum to comment.

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Posted by Paul Dovas at 4:49 pm 4 Comments


said over 11 years ago

1. We do not offer at the moment.

2. In the long run, we would like to introduce.


Korea ABC

said over 11 years ago

Hi Australia and all,

ABC UK offers audits of attendance and demographics for both trade and consumer exhibitions and other events; after a period of decline around 3-4 years ago, our membership numbers stabilised and have slightly increased in the last two years to around 100, mostly in the business-to-business sector. It is not always an easy sector to manage as there can be a lack of interest from buyers but we feel it will remain stable for the time being. 

Best wishes,

Jerry Wright, ABC UK


said over 11 years ago

Hi Paul

- We do not offer at the moment.

- If the industry demands it, we will introduce it.

Best regards

Roland, WEMF Switzerland

said over 10 years ago


We have only started with this service


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