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Event Audits

Dear Colleagues,


The 2012 General Assembly in Madrid resolved to create an Events Audit Sub-Committee similar to the Web Standards and Digital Publications Sub-Committees that any of you are involved.

A communication will be sent out shortly with further details, however can you please indicate if you:

1. Currently offer Event/Exhibition Audits in your market

2. Are intending to introduce Event/Exhibition Audits in the future


Please use this forum to comment.

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Posted by Paul Dovas at 4:49 pm 4 Comments


said over 9 years ago

1. We do not offer at the moment.

2. In the long run, we would like to introduce.


Korea ABC

said over 9 years ago

Hi Australia and all,

ABC UK offers audits of attendance and demographics for both trade and consumer exhibitions and other events; after a period of decline around 3-4 years ago, our membership numbers stabilised and have slightly increased in the last two years to around 100, mostly in the business-to-business sector. It is not always an easy sector to manage as there can be a lack of interest from buyers but we feel it will remain stable for the time being. 

Best wishes,

Jerry Wright, ABC UK


said over 9 years ago

Hi Paul

- We do not offer at the moment.

- If the industry demands it, we will introduce it.

Best regards

Roland, WEMF Switzerland

said over 8 years ago


We have only started with this service


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