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EU Media Laws

Many of us are facing challenges in Government spending taxpayer money in unaudited media. I am looking for European solutions to this problem. Generally, I would like to have access to all European Media Laws (not just that pertaining to auditing or circulation) or Self regulatory solution so I could compare it to Croatian media Law.

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Posted by Sinisa Zugic at 6:08 pm 5 Comments


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Hi Guys.

What kind of media laws are you referring to?


AMAA (ABC Australia )

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There are no legal restrictions on the placing of advertising in unaudited publications in the UK, though I think there was such an approach in Korea. Editorial content is not at present subject to statutory controls, though there are moves to re-inforce the current self-regulatory Press Complaints Commission with some 'statutory under-pinning', what ever that means. Advertising has a self-regulatory code covering content and media placement, see '', managed by the Advertising Standards Authority, also a self-regulatory body. For wider media regulation issues, see the ofcom web-site ''. Ofcom is the independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries.

Jerry Wright, ABC UK

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I can give you only the following link, but it exist only in German:

Best regards

Roland, WEMF (ABC Switzerland)

said over 10 years ago

Thank you Roland.  here is an example. A list of all media related regulations in Croatia 

This is from our Ministry of Culture website. 

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As a "country in transition" Croatia is paranoid about media ownership. There was some criminal element that had influence on the media in times past. For that reason created created redundant legislation demanding that the "real owners" of the media be publicised.
Average number of printed copies of any paid publication must be reported to Croatian Chamber of Commerce with an estimate on how many copies will be printed in the next year. This of course, is a wish list and information sent to the CCC is often false (deliberately false - people lie about their circulation). This unaudited information is then made available to the public. and is taken as gospel truth when Government or Government owned companies take in consideration where to advertise. Since arrival oF ABC their claims are becoming more modest but true numbers of our members are still being compared to unaudited figures in an official document.

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