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Mobile measurement

Americans point out lack of mobile measurement standard - any thoughts,-many-metrics,-no-standards.aspx

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Ad visibility

Here is an article about the trends in Ad visibility.

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Selling ads by time, not space?

Here is an article I stummbled up on:

Chartbeat company is the company which is  measuring the time users spend exposed to an ad online. This ties to our discussion about Ad Visibility. The idea is to sell ads by time just like TV. Something to explore..

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EU Media Laws

Many of us are facing challenges in Government spending taxpayer money in unaudited media. I am looking for European solutions to this problem. Generally, I would like to have access to all European Media Laws (not just that pertaining to auditing or circulation) or Self regulatory solution so I could compare it to Croatian media Law.

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Event Audits

Dear Colleagues,


The 2012 General Assembly in Madrid resolved to create an Events Audit Sub-Committee similar to the Web Standards and Digital Publications Sub-Committees that any of you are involved.

A communication will be sent out shortly with further details, however can you please indicate if you:

1. Currently offer Event/Exhibition Audits in your market

2. Are intending to introduce Event/Exhibition Audits in the future


Please use this forum to comment.

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HOI App Holland now available

Features are:

1) Circulation comparison module ('oplagecijfers vergelijken')
A Circulation module to get the circulation figures of Dutch titles Dagbladen (Newspapers), Magazines, Vaktijdschriften (Business Magazines) and Digitale titels (Digital titles). In this module you can compare paid en total circulation of the most recent HOI period and the same period of the year before. The circulation figures in the app will be updated 5 times a year.

2) Titlecheck (Titelcheck)
An other feature in the HOI oplage app is the titlecheck (Titelcheck). With the titlecheck you can check if a title is a HOI member or not. The results in the titlecheck give circulation figures of the title.

Download the FREE HOI oplage app here:
Apple version (for iphones)
Android version


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What Advertisers Think of Agencies

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