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What is a media audit?

A media audit is an audit approach that adopts a combination of rules, regulations, and protocols – often established by industry led committees - that are then consistently applied and independently verified to ensure the veracity of the data provided to the advertising market and which is used to form the basis of advertising selection and ad trading decisions. 


The digital advertising ecosystem is increasingly prey to fraudsters with billions of dollars lost to ad fraud globally every year. Digital Audits enable publishers to reassure the market that they have legitimate audiences for their websites.

Digital Audits can comprise both technical traffic validation and business process audits with multiple layers of verification processes to provide assurance for advertisers and media agencies that a publisher is committed to ensuring a high level of accuracy and quality in their digital traffic reporting, so that the advertisers are ensured of minimising risk of wasted funds.  Read More


Digital publications form part of publisher brand portfolios, the International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Certification (IFABC) has released a guide for the reporting of digital publications (non-website) by its membership.

The IFABC also acknowledges the rapidly changing media landscape and has provided four definitions of digital publication types : "editorial replica", "editorial plus", "targeted" and "dynamic".  Read More


Brands now evolve over many platforms, to support brand audience interactions in all channels IFABC members provide event and exhibition audits for brands. The IFABC supports the evolution of event audit and the continued expansion of service opportunities. Read More