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"ABCe Certificate Changes"

Please note two important changes to ABCe reporting which will launch with the release of January National Newspaper online Certificates and the Multi-Platform report on 25th February.

1. There will be a change of metric name from Unique Users/Browsers to Unique Browsers
In order to emphasise that the Unique User/Browser metric is aimed at counting devices (not people) JICWEBS agreed that this metric name would be simplified to Unique
Browser. Please reflect this change of metric name when reporting ABCe data.

2. The focus will shift to daily figures rather than monthly
Daily figures have always featured on ABCe certificates. However recently there has been a call by the industry for more emphasis to be placed on the daily data. To reflect
this, the ABCe certificate has been redesigned to ensure daily figures are featured first.

Please ensure that you make a note of these changes and reflect them when you compare and report on ABCe data in the future.

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For information on ABC UK please contact:
Mark Barber / Louisa Papachristou/Isobel Barnes
Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7927 9999

For information on ABC North America please contact:
Kammi Altig, ABC Communications Manager

About ABC UK
ABC is a non-profit distributing organisation owned by the media industry, tasked with promoting trust by providing robust currencies on which to trade media in the UK and Ireland.

ABC certifies and provides audit services to verify the circulation figures of newspapers and magazines, attendance at exhibitions and performance data across a wide range of digital media (including websites and email) through ABCe.

ABC is governed by a Council of permanent and elected representatives including media owners, media buyers, advertisers and representatives from industry trade bodies. Any changes to Reporting Standards are instigated and agreed on by these industry representatives including ISBA, IPA, PPA, NS and NPA, to ensure the needs of the media industry are met.

ABCe’s role is to manage standards for the online industry through its work with JICWEBS, the Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards, and to provide credibility, comparability and transparency for digital media.

ABC was first established in the UK in 1931, is a leading founder member of the International Federation of ABC’s (IFABC), and is one of the largest media audit bodies in the world.

ABCe was established in 1996 and delivers global measurement standards for local markets through its work as Chair of the IFABC web standards group.
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