How To Set Up An ABC

In essence, independent audit bureaus are founded and prosper because advertisers and advertising agencies are united, and persistent in their demand for independently audited circulation and other data.In the early, formative stages in the development of an audit bureau, it is essential that major media participants accede to advertisers and accept the discipline of audits.
This action will, in effect, challenge other significant industry participants to join their peers in the acceptance of independent audits.The guiding principle for each IFABC member is self regulation, based on the conviction that whenever an industry is able to regulate itself with fairness to all concerned, control by government is unnecessary. The IFABC system of published standards, voluntary acceptance of standards by media, impartial circulation audits, and the resulting reliable facts, has proven to be a constructive force in international marketing.

About Us

The IFABC was created in 1964 and has been servicing media and advertising industries around the world ever since.

Today, our focus has expanded to new areas such as digital media, however our objectives, which have been the cornerstone of our existence, remain the same.