Mission and Values

The International Federation of Audit Bureaux of Circulations (IFABC) is a voluntary cooperative federation of industry-sponsored organizations established in nations throughout the world to verify and report facts about the circulations of publications and related data.


IFABC Objectives

• To encourage and facilitate the exchange of experience between the member organisations.

• To work towards greater standardisation and uniformity in the reporting of circulations and other data.

• To encourage the establishment of an audit bureau of circulations in countries where such a bureau does not exist.

• To cooperate with national and international organisations in any way connected with members' activities.



About Us

The IFABC was created in 1964 and has been servicing media and advertising industries around the world ever since.

Today, our focus has expanded to new areas such as digital media, however our objectives, which have been the cornerstone of our existence, remain the same.